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Fall Advisory Meeting
October 21, 2014
Edmonton, AB, Canada
  Review of Spring 2014 Minutes
  Recetly Completed Projects
  Project Updates - Greg Baxter
  • Forest fuel treatment study: underburning
  • Forest fuel treatment study: mulching
  • Fire behaviour and initial-attack crew capabilities in burning harvest debris
  • Using the environmental lapse rate to forecast wildfire blow-ups
  Project Updates - Jim Thomasson
  • Using the environmental lapse rate to forecast wildfire blow-ups
  • Developing an evaluation procedure for short-range fire detection systems
  Project Updates - Mark Ryans
  • Using UAVs to scan winter burn piles
  Project Updates - Ray Ault
  • Fourth international wildland detection workshop
  • Matching helicopter drop volumes to wildfire intensity
  • Using a radiant panel to compare wildfire chemicals
  • Woody debris management program
  Project Updates - Rex Hsieh
  • Developing wildfire smoke training videos for lookout observers
  Project Updates - Roy Campbell
  • Remote camera systems for wildfire management: an Alberta review
  • An in-line mixing kit for helitorch systems
  Project Updates - Steve Hvenegaard
  • Fire behaviour in mulch fuelbeds along linear corridors
  • Survival zones for wildland firefighters
  Ongoing Projects With No Updates and Project Proposals
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