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 Chad Gardeski (B.Sc.)
Research Leader

Chad Gardeski began his wildfire journey during the 1998 and 1999 wildfire fire seasons, on an Initial Attack crew based out of the Smoky Forest Area in Alberta. In 2000, he gained full time employment with the Alberta Land and Forest Service in Valleyview. In 2002, Chad moved to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta where he resides today. Between 2000 and 2013 he gained the following experiences:
  • Duty Officer in the Clearwater Area Fire Center
  • Developing and implementing community FireSmart protection plans
  • Participated in the provinces prescribed burning program
  • Coordinated and supervised suppression efforts on Alberta Wildfires (notable fires include; House River, Chisolm, and the Richardson Fire)
  • Assisted the US forest service, in Washington, as part of a Canadian resource request
  • Advanced Wildfire Behavior training
  • Prometheus – Canadian Wildfire Growth Modelling training
Chad was also actively engaged in forest management activities and managed the Commercial Timber Permit and Coniferous Timber Quota program as well as the Forest Operations Monitoring Program in the Clearwater Area. He is an RPF in Alberta, has a diploma’s in Biological Sciences – Renewable Resources and Forest Technology, from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2007, he earned a BSc. in Forest Business management from the University of Alberta.

In 2013 he joined FPInnovations as an Industry Advisor, responsible for Alberta’s Indigenous and Forest Operations programs. The Indigenous program supported Indigenous communities looking to create new, or enhance existing forestry based businesses that would create employment and economic wealth and that could help to reduce the housing shortfalls within these communities. The Forest Operations program focused on enhancing the global competitiveness of the Canadian forestry Sector by developing, or helping companies and government agencies implement, innovative products, services and processes. Creating strategic alliances and transferring knowledge was a key part of this role.

In November of 2017, Chad accepted the position as Research Leader – Wildfire operations, and is excited to contribute the development and implementation of innovative products, services and processes that aim to reduce prevention and suppression costs, enhance the effectiveness of wildfire operations and community protection efforts, and improve firefighter safety.

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