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 Ray Ault (M.B.A)
Program Leader

Ray’s career in wildfire operations began in 1978 when he started work for the BC Forest Service on the Salmon Arm District Fire Suppression Crew. In 1983, Ray joined Alberta’s newly formed Provincial Helitack Program as the new coordinator where he developed the operations manual, trained the rappel crews and supervised both the conventional and rappel crews. In 1985 Ray started Wilderness Fire Management Inc., a contract initial attack and prescribed burning company in BC. Ray closed down his company after the 1992-fire season and enrolled at the Asia Pacific Institute to earn an MBA in International Business. Ray returned to the wildfire community in 1994 as the Superintendent of Fire Equipment with the B.C. Ministry of Forests in Victoria until 1996. For the next four years, Ray worked during the fire seasons as a Protection Assistant for the BC Ministry of Forests and taught business at the Lethbridge Community College during the winter months. Ray joined the fire group at its inception in 2000 as the group leader and principal researcher. Ray provides guidance, direction and advice to the research team, in addition to building and maintaining the group’s relationships with its advisory members.

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