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Forest Fuel Treatment Study
Removing or modifying flammable forest vegetation has been widely promoted as an effective way to reduce wildfire risk to communities and other values. Although the theory is well understood by those in the wildfire community, the effectiveness of specific treatments, with respect to fire behaviour, has not been thoroughly examined. Proposed by Alberta in 2010, this comprehensive study aims to generate field data that will improve our understanding of the fire behaviour changes resulting from forest fuel treatments and their maintenance. See below for the links to these projects.

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  Project Title Researcher
  Case study: fire challenged fuel treatments in Saskatchewan in 2015 Ray Ault
  An analysis of firebrand collection methodologies for spot fire research Ezgi Kapcak
  Wildfire encounters with forest fuel treatments: Rapid response data collection methods to document change in fire behaviour Steven Hvenegaard
  Managing forest fuels for community protection in the British Columbia Interior: productivity and cost of thinning from below Janet Mitchell
  National wildland fuels management survey Steve Hvenegaard
  Canopy penetration of airtanker drops in forest fuel treatments and untreated stands Ray Ault
  Evaluating the effectiveness of FireSmart priority zones for structure protection Dave Schroeder
  Fire behaviour in thinned Jack Pine: Case studies of FireSmart treatments in Canada's Northwest Territories Dave Schroeder
  Developing an ignition-probability model for mulch fuelbeds Steve Hvenegaard
  Developing a long-term monitoring protocol for fuel treatments Steve Hvenegaard
  Productivity of equipment used in fuel treatment operations Steve Hvenegaard
  National forest fuels management workshop Colleen Mooney
  Developing a national fuels management reference database Rex Hsieh
  Fuel treatment maintenance operations: productivity and effects on potential fire behaviour Steve Hvenegaard
  Effectiveness of light stand thinning as a forest fuel treatment Greg Baxter
  Effectiveness of stand cleaning as a forest fuel treatment Greg Baxter
  Effectiveness of mulching as a forest fuel treatment Steve Hvenegaard
  Effectiveness of under burning as a forest fuel treatment Greg Baxter
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