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  Project Detail
    Title:Exploring the capabilities of helicopter bucket and helitank tracking systems
    Researcher(s):Jim Thomasson (Lead); Colleen Mooney; Ray Ault
    Abstract:Helicopter bucket and helitank tracking systems have the potential to change how fire suppression agencies measure and manage their helicopter fleets. The data provided by these systems could help agencies identify inefficiencies and reduce operating costs. We explored the current capabilities of two tracking systems and compared their data outputs to our measured data. To collect the information, we conducted drop tests over a grid at speeds and heights typically used by helicopters operationally.
    Advisory Member(s):BC Wildfire Service
    Other Collaborator(s):Absolute Tracking Solutions Inc.; Latitude Technologies Corporation; Wildcat Helicopters; Blackcomb Helicopters
    Tags:Equipment; Aerial; see all tags...
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