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  Project Detail
    Title:Dynamic vehicle tests of a free-floating baffle system in an non-baffled water tank on wildfire suppression vehicles
    Researcher(s):Jim Thomasson (Lead); Kris Johnson
    Abstract:The use of retrofittable tank baffles is an economical way to meet NFPA standards for unbaffled tanks. To measure the effect of surge in baffled and unbaffled tanks, we conducted a series of dynamic vehicle tests for vehicle roll response, stopping distance, load shift, and driver impressions. Measurable differences were small between the baffled and unbaffled tanks but the drivers felt a qualitative difference. Retrofittable baffles in an un-baffled tank are a low-cost method that will reduce surge effect, and improve driver control and confidence.
    Advisory Member(s):BC Wildfire Service
    Other Collaborator(s):
    Tags:Equipment; Safety; see all tags...
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