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  Project Detail
    Title:Drop patterns for the Bambi-Max bucket and the Bell 212 helitanker
    Researcher(s):Colleen Mooney (Lead); Jim Thomasson; Ray Ault
    Abstract:When equipped with buckets and belly tanks, helicopters are versatile, fast and effective at delivering water, retardant, gel or foam to a fire. Like fixed-wing airtankers, the drop patterns generated from helicopters are most affected by aircraft height and speed. Understanding these drop patterns helps fire operations achieve the coverage level they need for a given fuel type or fire intensity. While testing tracking systems for helicopters in Salmon Arm, BC this year, we had the opportunity to collect drop pattern data on the Bambi-Max™ bucket and the Bell 212 helitanker.
    Advisory Member(s):BC Wildfire Service
    Other Collaborator(s):Absolute Tracking Solutions Inc.; Latitude Technologies Corporation; Wildcat Helicopters; Blackcomb Helicopters
    Tags:Equipment; Aerial; Drop Testing; see all tags...
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