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  Project Detail
    Title:An in-line mixing kit for helitorch systems
    Researcher(s):Roy Campbell (Lead)
    Abstract:FPInnovations has recently completed a project that incorporated in-line mixing technology in a new ground torch system. Since then, several agencies have expressed interest in having us pursue in-line mixing technology for helitorch systems. Since most Canadian helitorches are of similar design, we felt that an in-line mixing kit could be designed with changeable kit connections so that it would be adaptable to a variety of helitorch models. FPInnovations will collaborate with an existing service contractor to complete the design and construction of an in-line mixing kit prototype.
    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    Other Collaborator(s):Mark Ackerman, Gary Dakin
    Tags:Equipment; Aerial; see all tags...
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