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  Project Detail
    Title:National forest fuels management workshop
    Researcher(s):Colleen Mooney (Lead)
    Abstract:On behalf of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) and the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) Wildland Fire Management Working Group (WFMWG), FPInnovations hosted a National Forest Fuels Management Workshop in Hinton, Alberta on January 14–16, 2014.

The workshop included presentations and discussions on:
- current practices
- successes and failures; lessons learned
- equipment productivity and costs
- developing standards for assessing equipment productivity and fuel treatment effectiveness

The workshop was intended to provide a forum for representatives from all the Canadian agencies to share their knowledge on current fuel management practices, and to begin the process of improving the collection of related information and ways to share it.

The workshop was invite-only and each provincial and territorial agency was asked to send three key personnel. We had representation from the following agencies:
- Alberta
- British Columbia
- Saskatchewan
- Manitoba
- Ontario
- Quebec
- Nova Scotia
- Northwest Territories
- First Nations Emergency Services Society
- Parks Canada

Speakers for the workshop hailed from each of the agencies mentioned above as well as:
- University of Alberta, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
- University of Alberta, Department of Renewable Resources
- United States Forest Service
- City of Kimberley
- FPInnovations

    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture and Forestry; BC Wildfire Service; Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources; Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources; Parks Canada; Saskatchewan Environment
    Other Collaborator(s):
    Tags:Fuel Management; Equipment; FireSmart; Mulch; Community Protection; Prescribed Burn; see all tags...
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