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  Project Detail
    Title:Debris Loading and Fire Behaviour Potential: A Comparative Analysis of Two Harvesting Methods in the Nazko Region of Central British Columbia
    Researcher(s):Steven Hvenegaard (Lead)
    Abstract:Timber harvest companies are looking for cost-effective methods for harvesting low value fibre. FPInnovations conducted a multi-faceted research project in the Nazko region to compare several operational aspects of two harvest methods: cut-to-length and conventional.

As part of this research project, FPInnovations’ wildfire group measured and assessed the harvest residue resulting from both harvest methods. With this information, we were able to evaluate potential fire behaviour in each of the harvest areas.
    Advisory Member(s):
    Other Collaborator(s):FPInnovations Forest Operations group
    Tags:Fuel Management; Operations Management; see all tags...
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