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  Project Detail
    Title:Determining the “next generation” infrared cameras for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    Researcher(s):Rex Hsieh (Lead)
    Abstract:Alberta's Wildfire Management Aviation and Geomatics Section currently uses the 'Scout' infrared (IR) camera model for regular program work. The Scout has been in operation for approximately 10 years, and although this model provides acceptable results, there are some deficiencies e.g. complicated device restrictions, poor charging design, and maintenance issues. Given the age of the Scout cameras, an expanding need for additional cameras, and the likelihood of new technology the Aviation and Geomatics Unit is interested in conducting a project aimed at researching infrared camera technology and identifying potential "the next generation" infrared cameras.

The use of infrared camera is critical to wildfire prevention and operations. This project will focus on identifying agency IR camera requirements, camera replacement options and the testing of potential replacement cameras.
    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    Other Collaborator(s):
    Tags:Equipment; IR; see all tags...
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