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  Project Detail
    Title:Exploring a method to evaluate the longevity of fire-control agents (gel, Class A foam, water) under field conditions
    Researcher(s):Peter de Bruijn (Lead)
    Abstract:FPInnovations Wildfire Operations Research team was asked to explore a simple, low cost field method for determining the longevity of gel and other suppressants. After consultations with colleagues at the Wildland Fire Chemical Systems (WFCS) at the Missoula Technology and Development Center and with peers in the fire chemicals discipline, FPInnovations researchers agreed to use evaporation rates as a measurement of longevity and to adapt the laboratory drying procedure used by WFCS for use in the field to produce some preliminary results.
    Advisory Member(s):BC Wildfire Service; ICL Performance Products
    Other Collaborator(s):CIFFC
    Tags:Gel; see all tags...
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