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  Project Detail
    Title:Evaluating the relative fire hazard of oriented debris piles and constructed burn piles
    Researcher(s):Steven Hvenegaard (Lead); Stuart Spencer; Greg Baxter
    Abstract:Oriented residue piles and constructed burn piles have different characteristics, including fuel size, composition, and fuel arrangement. The comparative ignition trials conducted in this proof-of-concept study suggest that these characteristics influence the fuel environment, with a higher potential for ignition and sustained burning and greater resultant fire intensity in constructed burn piles. The intent of this proof-of-concept trial was to determine whether logging residue piles that have been oriented for biomass extraction (placed in parallel piles by the processor operator during primary harvesting activities) is a significant fuel hazard that requires further abatement.
    Advisory Member(s):
    Other Collaborator(s):Province of British Columbia; Island Timberlands; FPInnovations Fibre Supply
    Tags:Fuel Management; see all tags...
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