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  Project Detail
    Title:Drop tests with the amphibious AT-802F and the CL-215 in standing timber
    Researcher(s):Colleen Mooney (Lead)
    Abstract:FPInnovations was asked by the Government of the Northwest Territories to assist them in evaluating the drop effectiveness of the amphibious Air Tractor AT-802F in standing timber as compared to the Bombardier Canadair CL-215. Because the AT-802F has a smaller tank capacity, questions have been raised regarding the canopy penetration capabilities of the AT-802F compared to the CL-215. This project used the cup-and-grid method in standing timber to gather information on the canopy penetration of airtanker drops.
    Advisory Member(s):Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources
    Other Collaborator(s):USFS
    Tags:Aerial; Drop Testing; see all tags...
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