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  Project Detail
    Title:Review of fire behaviour across a power transmission line
    Researcher(s):Dave Schroeder (Lead)
    Abstract:Power transmission line vulnerability to wildfire is a concern shared by all of the provincial and territorial agencies, and utility companies. Parks Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories wanted to know if infrastructure could be damaged directly by wildfire, or through firefighting operations such as back burning. In 2008, the Sandy Lake Fire 13 crossed a Northwest Territories Power Corporation transmission line at several locations. The towers on this line were built from an aluminum alloy and may not have the same resistance to heat damage as steel towers which are more commonly used on major transmission lines. This project documents the post fire conditions found at these locations.
    Advisory Member(s):Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources
    Other Collaborator(s):
    Tags:Corridor; see all tags...
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