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  Project Detail
    Title:Travel rates of Alberta wildland firefighters using escape routes on a moderately steep slope
    Researcher(s):Greg Baxter (Lead)
    Abstract:When fire behaviour becomes threatening, firefighters disengage the fire and travel
along escape routes to reach safety zones to avoid being entrapped or burned over. The
Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) studied the travel rates of various
types of Alberta fire suppression crews using simulated escape routes. This projected focused on the travel rates of Type I firefighters on a moderately steep slope (26%) in two different fuel complexes—grass on a powerline and a white spruce stand. Researchers discuss the influence of using a marked trail or escape route and dropping one’s pack and tool on travel rates, and the effect of slope steepness on fire spread in relation to firefighter travel rates upslope.
    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    Other Collaborator(s):Marty Alexander
    Tags:Safety; see all tags...
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