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  Project Detail
    Title:Testing a method to evaluate the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel on vertical surfaces
    Researcher(s):Peter de Bruijn (Lead)
    Abstract:The main objective of this project was to test a potential method for evaluating gel effectiveness on vertical surfaces under wildfire conditions. Researchers wanted to determine whether cubes constructed with T1-11 plywood siding could be successfully used for gel application and then subjected to a high intensity crown fire. A secondary objective was to obtain a basic understanding of how long water-enhancing gels, applied to vertical surfaces, would remain effective as a barrier to fire ignition.
    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture and Forestry; ICL Performance Products; Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources; Thermo-gel; Waterax
    Other Collaborator(s): Montane Forest Management
    Tags:FireSmart; Gel; Community Protection; see all tags...
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