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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
All-terrain vehicles as a cause of fire ignition in Alberta forests2002CompletedGreg Baxter
Black Spruce Fuel Amendment Treatment: Explorations at the Canadian Boreal Community FireSmart Project2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Black Spruce fuel amendment: Explorations at the Pelican Mountain FireSmart research area2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Canopy penetration of airtanker drops in forest fuel treatments and untreated stands2014CompletedRex Hsieh
  Ray Ault
Case Study - Fire behaviour of RWF-015-13 (Nordegg, Alberta)2014CompletedColleen Mooney
Comparing the seasonal changes in live fuel flammability of Larix spp. and Black Spruce2018CurrentChad Gardeski
  Oleg Melnik
Demonstration: Trident Pump high pressure, high volume, versatile pump2017CompletedRoy Campbell
  Ray Ault
Developing a long-term monitoring protocol for fuel treatments2013CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Developing a national fuels management reference database2014CompletedRex Hsieh
Drop pattern and coverage level comparison between the amphibious AT-802F and the CL-2152009CompletedRay Ault
Effectiveness of light stand-thinning as a forest fuel treatment2010CurrentGreg Baxter
Effectiveness of mulching as a forest fuel treatment2010CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Effectiveness of stand-cleaning as a forest fuel treatment2011CurrentGreg Baxter
Evaluating the effectiveness of FireSmart priority zones for structure protection2007CompletedDave Schroeder
Evaluating the fire ignition potential of all-terrain vehicles in Alberta forests2004CompletedGary Dakin
Evaluating the fire ignition potential of an exhaust insulator for all-terrain vehicles2008CompletedGreg Baxter
Fire behaviour in thinned Jack Pine: Case studies of FireSmart treatments in Canada's Northwest Territories2010CompletedDave Schroeder
FireBozz sprinkler test2016CurrentJim Thomasson
  Oleg Melnik
FireSmart Robot – Phase 2: Development of a harvest robot for use in FireSmart and Forest Operations2018CurrentGreg Baxter
Health impact of smoke exposure in wildland-urban interface fires: a literature review2012CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Ignition potential of portable propane campfires2008CompletedKelsy Gibos
Managing forest fuels for community protection in the British Columbia Interior: productivity and cost of thinning from below2007CompletedJanet Mitchell
National forest fuels management workshop2014CompletedColleen Mooney
Productivity of manual forest fuel treatment operations2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
  Oleg Melnik
Sprinkler use in North America - A state-of-practice review2018CompletedChad Gardeski
Testing a method to evaluate the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel on vertical surfaces2010CompletedPeter de Bruijn
The existence of humidity domes created by wildfire sprinklers2009CompletedRay Ault
The Saskatchewan Landscape Laboratory for Wildfire Research: a funding proposal2011CompletedRob Thorburn
Use of sprinklers and aqueous gel for structure protection from wildfire2009CompletedRay Ault
Wildfire encounters with forest fuel treatments: Rapid response data collection methods to document change in fire behaviour2016CompletedRex Hsieh
  Steven Hvenegaard
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