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  Operations Management (12)
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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
Aerial intelligence-gathering platforms: a needs-analysis for wildfire operations2010CompletedJim Thomasson
Assessing the effectiveness of prescribed fire to create bison pasture2008CompletedGreg Baxter
Best practices guide for protecting log yards from fire2009CompletedDave Schroeder
Database for wildfire behaviour documents2013SuspendedRex Hsieh
Debris Loading and Fire Behaviour Potential: A Comparative Analysis of Two Harvesting Methods in the Nazko Region of Central British Columbia2017CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Developing a decision tool for remote camera systems2014CompletedJim Thomasson
Documenting human-caused wildfires2013SuspendedJim Thomasson
Effectiveness of Alberta's presuppression preparedness planning system2004CompletedJudi Beck
Health impact of smoke exposure in wildland-urban interface fires: a literature review2012CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Managing forest fuels for community protection in the British Columbia Interior: productivity and cost of thinning from below2007CompletedJanet Mitchell
Matching helicopter drop volumes to wildfire intensity2013CompletedJim Thomasson
  Rex Hsieh
  Ray Ault
Wildfire Communications Workshop 20172016CompletedJim Thomasson
  Rex Hsieh
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