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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
1st International Wildland Fire Detection Workshop2003CompletedDave Schroeder
2nd International Wildland Fire Detection Workshop2006CompletedSharad Karmacharya
3rd International Wildland Fire Detection Workshop2010CompletedPeter de Bruijn
A second operational trial of the ForestWatch automated smoke-detection system2005CompletedRay Ault
  Jim Thomasson
  Rex Hsieh
A video camera system for blind-area smoke detection (Chisholm, Alberta)2007CompletedJim Thomasson
A video camera system for the Athabasca Fire Lookout2013SuspendedJim Thomasson
An evaluation of handheld infrared cameras for wildfire mop-up operations2010CompletedScott VanderMeer
Application of a smoke-detection camera system to support fire lookout operations (Hinton, Alberta)2009CompletedJim Thomasson
  Rex Hsieh
Capabilities of airborne infrared remote sensing systems to detect hotspots2004CompletedJudi Beck
Comparative analysis of hotspot detection methods: ground-based infrared camera-assisted vs. conventional practices2011CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Designing a second portable smoke-detection tower2013CompletedJim Thomasson
Developing an evaluation procedure for short-range fire detection systems2014CompletedJim Thomasson
Developing wildfire smoke training videos for lookout observers2013CompletedRex Hsieh
Effectiveness of distributed decision (Crowdsourcing) wildfire detection - Hummingbird Network evaluation2017CurrentRex Hsieh
Evaluating smartphone infrared-scanning accessories for wildfire operations2015CompletedJim Thomasson
Evaluation of rotary-wing thermal infrared service delivery using simulated wildfire hotspots2009CompletedRay Ault
Evaluation of three wildfire smoke detection systems2003CompletedDave Schroeder
Fourth wildland fire detection workshop2015CompletedRay Ault
Needs-analysis for the next generation fire-finder2012SuspendedJim Thomasson
Operational trial of the ForestWatch automated wildfire smoke detection system2004CompletedDave Schroeder
Remote camera system for wildfire management - an Alberta Survey2014CompletedRoy Campbell
Use of a smoke generators and smoke plots to aid fire lookout personnel2005CompletedDave Schroeder
Use of a video camera surveillance system for fire detection2002CompletedDave Schroeder
Using a portable tower with video cameras for blind-area smoke detection (Chisholm, Alberta)2009CompletedJim Thomasson
Using UAVs to scan winter burn piles2014CurrentOleg Melnik
  Jim Thomasson
Wildfire Communications Workshop 20172016CompletedRex Hsieh
  Jim Thomasson
Wildfire detection in Canada: trends and innovations2014CompletedRay Ault
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