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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
A summary of the Canadian testing and approval processes for fire chemicals and aerial delivery systems2009CompletedRoy Campbell
Aerial intelligence-gathering platforms: a needs-analysis for wildfire operations2010CompletedJim Thomasson
Alberta Helitorch Re-design 2016CurrentDave Finn
  Roy Campbell
An in-line mixing kit for helitorch systems2012CurrentRoy Campbell
Canopy penetration of airtanker drops in forest fuel treatments and untreated stands2014CompletedRex Hsieh
  Ray Ault
Capabilities of airborne infrared remote sensing systems to detect hotspots2004CompletedJudi Beck
Determining the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel as a fire-control agent2012CurrentRex Hsieh
  Razim Refai
Develop a wildfire chemical performance test method by using burning wood crib2017CurrentRazim Refai
Drop pattern and coverage level comparison between the amphibious AT-802F and the CL-2152009CompletedRay Ault
Drop patterns for the Bambi-Max bucket and the Bell 212 helitanker2012CompletedJim Thomasson
  Colleen Mooney
  Ray Ault
Drop tests with the amphibious AT-802F and the CL-215 in standing timber2011CompletedColleen Mooney
Effectiveness of a low mix-ratio gel on wildfire2013SuspendedRay Ault
Evaluation of Coulson's Martin Mars and FireWatch S76 at the 2011 wildfires in Mexico2011CompletedJim Thomasson
Evaluation of long-term retardant drop patterns from the amphibious and wheeled Air Tractor 8022006CompletedWally McCulloch
Evaluation of performance of helitorch fuel during cold weather operation2008CompletedDave Schroeder
Evaluation of rotary-wing thermal infrared service delivery using simulated wildfire hotspots2009CompletedRay Ault
Exploratory research into the development of a three-dimensional grid for the evaluation of long-term retardant drops2006CompletedWally McCulloch
Exploring the capabilities of helicopter bucket and helitank tracking systems2012CompletedRay Ault
  Colleen Mooney
  Jim Thomasson
Fuels that mix with PetroJelâ„¢ for use in aerial ignition devices2006CompletedRory Thompson
Helicopter on-board system for mixing water-enhancing gel: gield assessment2017CompletedRay Ault
  Rex Hsieh
Helicopter-transportable equipment for fireline operations2010CompletedJonathan Large
Infrared technology applications in wildfire management using UAS 2018CurrentRex Hsieh
  Steven Hvenegaard
Martin Mars aerial delivery trials2008CompletedWally McCulloch
  Colleen Mooney
Matching helicopter drop volumes to wildfire intensity2013CompletedRex Hsieh
  Jim Thomasson
  Ray Ault
Modification of the Alberta helitorch valve2015CompletedRoy Campbell
Night operations for wildfire water delivery using Coulson's Firewatch airborne command and control system 2011CompletedJim Thomasson
Observations on the use of gels for fire control in California2006CompletedWally McCulloch
Quantification of the performance evaluation of wildland fire chemicals using a custom-build thermal canister2016CurrentRazim Refai
Retardant effectiveness on mulch fuel2017CurrentRex Hsieh
Review of the wildfire chemical qualification process2014CompletedColleen Mooney
  Ray Ault
Use of precision GPS for airtanker drop testing2012CompletedJim Thomasson
Using UAVs to scan winter burn piles2014CurrentJim Thomasson
  Oleg Melnik
Visual assessment method of measuring cup amounts in airtanker drops2012CompletedColleen Mooney
  Jim Thomasson
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