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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
Can fire suppressant gels protect log decks? 2006CompletedDave Schroeder
Determining the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel as a fire-control agent2012CurrentRazim Refai
  Rex Hsieh
Develop a wildfire chemical performance test method by using burning wood crib2017CurrentRazim Refai
Effectiveness of a low mix-ratio gel on wildfire2013SuspendedRay Ault
Exploring a method to evaluate the longevity of fire-control agents (gel, Class A foam, water) under field conditions2010CompletedPeter de Bruijn
Exploring methods to evaluate the ability of water-enhancing gel to stop wildfire spread2007CompletedKelsy Gibos
Helicopter on-board system for mixing water-enhancing gel: gield assessment2017CompletedRex Hsieh
  Ray Ault
Observations on the use of gels for fire control in California2006CompletedWally McCulloch
Quantification of the performance evaluation of wildland fire chemicals using a custom-build thermal canister2016CurrentRazim Refai
Testing a method to evaluate the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel on vertical surfaces2010CompletedPeter de Bruijn
Use of sprinklers and aqueous gel for structure protection from wildfire2009CompletedRay Ault
Using a radiant panel to compare wildfire chemicals2012CompletedRex Hsieh
  Ray Ault
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