Woody Debris Management Program

This program is funded by the BC government to encourage the development of new techniques and technologies to manage woody debris from logging or land development without compromising air quality.

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Program Contact:

Ray Ault
Program Leader
FPInnovations - Forest Operations
1176 Switzer Drive
Hinton, Alberta
T7V 1V3 Canada
Email: ray.ault@fpinnovations.ca
Phone: 780-817-1840

Phase III
  Kelly Lake Metis Settlement Society - Wood Debris to Energy Development
    Cover Letter for Kelly Lake Metis Settlement Society Woody Debris Management Program Update
    Feasibility Study for a 10MW Biomass Fired Power Plant
    WETC Emissions Management
    Business Case - A Biomass/Waste-to-energy Facility for Kelly Lake/Tomslake, British Columbia, Canada
    Kelly Lake - Woody Debris Characterization Study
    Kelly Lake - Best Practices for Biomass Feedstock Handling and Management
    WETC - Continuous Gasifier System (CGS) Presentation
  Slash Recovery and Utilization
    Final Report
  From Waste to Resource: Strategic Practices, converting slash pile to bioenergy in the Prince George area
  Options for Selected Value-Added Processing of Coastal Forest Debris Resulting From Logging Operations
Phase II
  No accepted proposals were funded under phase two
Phase I
  Comparing Grind-to-ground and Re-load to Grinding Directly into Trucks
  Determining the Ability of Various Truck and Trailer Combinations to Effectively Transport Comminuted Woody Debris in Mountainous Conditions
  Hauling Options for Consolidating Harvest Residues
  Productivity and Cost of Producing Forest-Origin Feedstocks for Biofuels: Seven Case Studies Near Williams Lake BC
  Custom venting forecast service
  Woody Debris Management Information Flip
  Fuel Moisture and Debris Burning on Vancouver Island