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Effectiveness of light stand-thinning as a forest fuel treatment
December03: Presentations 2018 Fall Advisory Meeting
October31: Minutes 2018 Spring Advisory Meeting
October18: Report Fire behaviour in mulch fuel bed: observations from experimental fires at Pelican Mountain
June18: Reference Quantification of performance of wildfire chemical using a custom-build sensible enthalpy rise calorimeter (Razim Refai's Master thesis)
April27: Info Note Infrared Hotspot Prototype Construction, Testing and Evaluation
April10: Presentations 2018 Spring Advisory Meeting
February16: Project Description Black Spruce Fuel Amendment Treatment: Explorations at the Canadian Boreal Community FireSmart Project
February16: Minutes 2017 Fall Advisory Meeting
January26: Project Plan Infrared technology applications in wildfire management using UAS
December18: Technical Report Underburning NWT August 2017
Advisory Meeting
Next Meeting: April 2 ~ 4, 2019 - Edmonton

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