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Canopy Penetration of Airtanker Drops in Forest Fuel Treatments and Untreated Stands
November16: Info Note Helitorch Redesign 2017 Fall
November15: Presentations 2017 Fall Advisory Meeting
November03: Info Note Windrow Burning Project – Site Description and Data Collection in 2017
October30: Technical report Firebrand Transfer and Spot Fire Propagation: Observations from an Experimental Fire at the Canadian Boreal Community FireSmart Project
October18: Technical report Debris Loading and Fire Behaviour Potential: A Comparative Analysis of Two Harvesting Methods in the Nazko Region of Central British Columbia
October06: Info Note Demonstration: Trident Pump - high pressure, high volume, versatile pump
September19: Info Note Helicopter On-Board System for Mixing Water-Enhancing Gel: Field Assessment
September13: Technical report Design and evaluation of a wildfire sprinkler
September11: Reference Using thermal infrared remote sensing method to quantifying air tanker drop effectiveness
July29: Technical Report Productivity of a motor-manual forest-fuel reduction treatment: a case study in Central Alberta
Advisory Meeting
Next Meeting: March 20th, 2018
Edmonton, AB
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