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Fire Behaviour and Initial-attack Crew Capabilities in Burning Harvest Debris
March21: Progress report Performance evaluation of wildland fire chemicals using a custom-built thermal canister
March20: Report Simulated Wildfire Hot-Spot Target 460 Design Project - Phase 3 Final Report by Brimstone Engineering Solutions (University of Alberta)
March20: Report Wildfire Hotspot Simulator 460 Design Project - Phase 3 Final Report by SaFire Engineering (University of Alberta)
March16: Agenda Wildfire Operations Research 2017 Spring Advisory Meeting
March10: Presentations Wildfire Communications Workshop
January30: Final Report Phos-Chek Solid Foam Stick and Scotty Foam-Fast Applicator Evaluation
December19: Project Plan Quantification of the performance of wildland fire chemicals using a thermal canister
December09: Presentations 2016 Fall Wildfire Operations Research Advisory Meeting
November28: Project Proposal Find a way to conduct fuels reduction prescribed burns in Black Spruce safely and efficiently
November05: Info Note Fire behaviour in jack pine/ black spruce fuels following mulch fuel treatments: a case study at the CBCFS project
Advisory Meeting
Next Meeting: April 4th, 2017
Edmonton, AB
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