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  Project Detail
    Title:Alberta wildfire detection Challenge program 2022
    Researcher(s):Rex Hsieh (Lead)
    Abstract:Alberta Innovates is partnering with Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Economic Development (AFRED) Wildfire Management Branch and FPInnovations as program Partners to provide funds to the Applicant with proven, commercial wildfire detection products to demonstrate in Alberta‚Äôs operational environment. Selected applicants of the program will showcase the product's value and best practices in wildfire detection and data communication. The experiences shared between the applicant and AFRED during the demonstration will help AFRED evaluate and de-risk exposure to technology. Additionally the demonstration could lead AFRED in developing a future wildfire detection strategy.
    Advisory Member(s):Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development
    Other Collaborator(s):Alberta Innovates
    Tags:Detection; see all tags...
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