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Project Proposals
Project proposals can be submitted at anytime throughout the year from anyone involved in wildfire operations or wildfire management. Proposals are presented and discussed at our two advisory meetings where funding members vote on each proposal as either high, medium or low priority. Proposals that receive a high priority rank are accepted and become projects for the up-coming field season. Proposals that receive a medium-priority rank are accepted only if resources are available; all other proposals are dropped.

Once a proposal is accepted, it becomes a current project with its own PROJECT PAGE on the website. The project plan, research updates and reports will all be found on the PROJECT PAGE.

Click here for the proposal submission form.

*Proposals must be received no later than one month before the advisory meeting to be considered for the next field season. For alternatives, contact

 FRI-2020-01Assessing performance of Fortress FR-1002020Pending-
 AAF-2020-02PBs for water enhancer evaluation2020Pending-
 AAF-2020-01Wildland Fuel Management Knowledge Base - continued development and maintenance2020Pending-
 AAF-2020-03Field trails - surface fuel and debris consumption loggers2020Pending-
 AAF-2016-01Find a way to conduct fuels reduction prescribed burns in Black Spruce safely and efficiently2016AcceptedClick Here
 AAF-2015-01Evaluating foam stick and applicator2015AcceptedClick Here
 BCWS-2015-01Developing an UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) testing grid2015Dropped-
 YT-2015-01Communications system survey and workshop2015AcceptedClick Here
 YT-2015-02Developing a rapid-response kit / protocol to document interaction between fuel management and wildfire2015AcceptedClick Here
 GNWT-ENR-15-01Collect data on fire behaviour/susceptibility and possible treatments in conifer regen/old burn2015Dropped-
 BCWS-2015-02Effectiveness of smartphone IR devices to detect heat from within a burning tree2015Dropped-
 ESRD-2014-09Effectiveness of infrared-scanning smartphone accessories in wildfire operations2014AcceptedClick Here
 BCWF-2013-01Matching helicopter coverage levels to fire intensity2013AcceptedClick Here
 MILWES-2013-01Can UAV technology be used to reliably detect holdover fires in winter burn-piles?2013AcceptedClick Here
 FPL-2013-01Can the real-time weather data collected using aircraft be used to calculate the local adiabatic lapse rate?2013AcceptedClick Here
 ESRD-2013-05What is the improvement in efficiency and cost savings of a load-shedding bucket?2013Dropped-
 ESRD-2013-04Developing a long-term monitoring protocol for FireSmart sites2013AcceptedClick Here
 ESRD-2013-03Documentation of human-caused wildfire2013AcceptedClick Here
 ESRD-2013-02Smoke and fire behaviour training video2013AcceptedClick Here
 ESRD-2013-01Using video camera systems for wildfire management2013Postponed-
 ASRD-2012-01Developing an operational product evaluation methodology2012AcceptedClick Here
 ASRD-2011-1Sprinkler design2011AcceptedClick Here
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