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project titleyear completedstatusresearcher
All-terrain vehicles as a cause of fire ignition in Alberta forests2002CompletedGreg Baxter
Black Spruce Fuel Amendment Treatment: Explorations at the Fort Providence Wildfire Experimental Site2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Black Spruce fuel amendment: Explorations at the Pelican Mountain FireSmart research area2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Canopy penetration of airtanker drops in forest fuel treatments and untreated stands2014CompletedRay Ault
  Rex Hsieh
Case Study - Fire behaviour of RWF-015-13 (Nordegg, Alberta)2014CompletedColleen Mooney
Comparative results of ignition probability and fire behaviour among landscaping mulch products2018CompletedRex Hsieh
  Razim Refai
Comparing the seasonal changes in live fuel flammability of Larix spp. and Black Spruce2018CompletedRazim Refai
  Rex Hsieh
Demonstration: Trident Pump high pressure, high volume, versatile pump2017CompletedRoy Campbell
  Ray Ault
Determining the optimum conditions for underburning in pine fuels2010CurrentGreg Baxter
Developing a long-term monitoring protocol for fuel treatments2013CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Developing a national fuels management reference database2014CompletedRex Hsieh
Development of a framework to establish a quick-deploy research team for WUI events2021CurrentGreg Baxter
  Rex Hsieh
  Steven Hvenegaard
  Razim Refai
  Michael Benson
  Brandon MacKinnon
Drop pattern and coverage level comparison between the amphibious AT-802F and the CL-2152009CompletedRay Ault
Effectiveness of light stand thinning as a forest fuel treatment in black spruce stands2021CurrentGreg Baxter
Effectiveness of light stand-thinning as a forest fuel treatment in pine stands2010CurrentGreg Baxter
Effectiveness of mulching as a forest fuel treatment2010CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Effectiveness of stand cleaning as a forest fuel treatment in black spruce stands2021CurrentGreg Baxter
Effectiveness of stand-cleaning as a forest fuel treatment in pine fuels2011CurrentGreg Baxter
Evaluating a selective harvest operation as a forest fuel treatment - a case study in a mature Douglas-fir forest in central interior British Columbia2019CompletedBrandon MacKinnon
  Steven Hvenegaard
Evaluating the effectiveness of FireSmart priority zones for structure protection2007CompletedDave Schroeder
Evaluating the fire ignition potential of all-terrain vehicles in Alberta forests2004CompletedGary Dakin
Evaluating the fire ignition potential of an exhaust insulator for all-terrain vehicles2008CompletedGreg Baxter
Fire behaviour in thinned Jack Pine: Case studies of FireSmart treatments in Canada's Northwest Territories2010CompletedDave Schroeder
FireBozz sprinkler test2016SuspendedOleg Melnik
  Jim Thomasson
FireSmart Robot – Phase 2: Development of a harvest robot for use in FireSmart and Forest Operations2018CompletedGreg Baxter
Health impact of smoke exposure in wildland-urban interface fires: a literature review2012CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Ignition potential of portable propane campfires2008CompletedKelsy Gibos
Managing forest fuels for community protection in the British Columbia Interior: productivity and cost of thinning from below2007CompletedJanet Mitchell
Monitoring Larix seedling survival and growth2019CompletedBrandon MacKinnon
National forest fuels management workshop2014CompletedColleen Mooney
Performance evaluation of siding materials subjected to radiant heat loads2018CompletedEder A. Villa Coronel
  Razim Refai
Productivity of manual forest fuel treatment operations2017CurrentSteven Hvenegaard
Research to assess stand conversion2021CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
  Pamela Matute
Sprinkler use in North America - A state-of-practice review2018CompletedChad Gardeski
Stand level fuel management planning tool2020CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Summary of stand level fuel treatment productivity studies2021CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
Testing a method to evaluate the effectiveness of water-enhancing gel on vertical surfaces2010CompletedPeter de Bruijn
The existence of humidity domes created by wildfire sprinklers2009CompletedRay Ault
The Saskatchewan Landscape Laboratory for Wildfire Research: a funding proposal2011CompletedRob Thorburn
Understanding the methods required for underburning in black spruce stands2019CurrentGreg Baxter
Use of sprinklers and aqueous gel for structure protection from wildfire2009CompletedRay Ault
Virtual tour for Northwest Territories2020CurrentBrandon MacKinnon
Virtual tour of the Pelican Mountain FireSmart Fuel Management Research Site2020CompletedBrandon MacKinnon
Wildfire encounters with forest fuel treatments: Rapid response data collection methods to document change in fire behaviour2016CompletedRex Hsieh
  Steven Hvenegaard
Wildfire/fuel treatment encounter data collection through a mobile app2021CompletedSteven Hvenegaard
  Rex Hsieh
  Razim Refai
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