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Comparing understory burning and mechanical site preparation to regenerate Lodgepole Pine stands





Greg Baxter (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

University of Alberta, Weyerhauser

Advisory Member(s):

Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism


As the mountain pine beetle continues to kill large stands of Lodgepole pine in Alberta, there is increased concern regarding the regeneration of these forests, particularly in areas where there is no salvage logging and scarification. Serotinous cones can remain in the crown and not open for several years following a MPB attack and feathermoss layers are considered unsuitable seedbeds for pine. In this project, University of Alberta researchers plan to examine the use of surface fire to stimulate regeneration after stand mortality due to MPB in north-central Alberta and compare it to mechanical site preparation. FPInnovations´ role in this study is only to provide support for fire behaviour data collection.

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