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Development of a framework to establish a quick-deploy research team for WUI events





Greg Baxter (Lead); Michael Benson; Rex Hsieh; Steven Hvenegaard; Razim Refai; Brandon MacKinnon

Other Collaborator(s):

FireSmart BC

Advisory Member(s):

Determining how a wildfire moves into a community, what ignites in and around structures causing a structure to burn and how fire then spreads within a community has relied on post-fire case studies to understand. Even with these, there are many factors which are unknown that would contribute to documenting the treatment effectiveness and increasing the probability of a structure surviving.

With this in mind, FireSmart BC and the BCWS have determined that by collecting data before, during and after a wildfire directly impacts a community could be used to identify the effectiveness of fuel treatments and structural vulnerabilities and potentially lead to changes in building codes and community by-laws that increase a structures and a community’s resilience to wildfire.

FPInnovations will develop a framework that will guide data collection, logistics and the personnel required to collect, house and eventually analyze the data collected during an Interface fire. This framework will focus on the methods used to collect data during a Wildland Urban Interface event and logistical considerations.

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