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Evaluation of rotary-wing thermal infrared service delivery using simulated wildfire hotspots





Ray Ault (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):


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The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia requested FPInnovations to manage an independent evaluation of vendors interested in providing thermal infrared services during wildland fire operations. The evaluation was meant to determine a company’s ability to meet criteria for detection and accuracy; produce and deliver products, both digital and hard copy, in standardized formats; and integrate multiple technologies in an optimal arrangement. Researchers consulted with experienced wildland fire operations staff and individuals knowledgeable in thermal imaging to establish an evaluation process that provides a consistent and reliable assessment of product performance and capability in a wildfire setting. It is intended that all rotary-wing thermal infrared vendors will demonstrate their services in providing hotspot detection to the quality and standards stipulated by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (Alberta SRD) prior to commencing contract operations.

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