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Exploratory research into the development of a three-dimensional grid for the evaluation of long-term retardant drops





Wally McCulloch (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

US Forest Service

Advisory Member(s):

The Wildfire Operations Research team was asked to explore the possibility of developing a three-dimensional fire retardant drop grid and determine whether or not current techniques and technology could be used to make the initiative feasible. A three-dimensional grid would allow researchers to record the effect of standing trees and forest canopy on the distribution of fluids dropped from aircraft. Fire retardants are most effective in slowing the advance of a wildfire when covering the ground fuels. Understanding the interception of fluids in standing forests is an important step in developing more effective products. Researchers completed a review of literature and two field trials in south-western Alberta, near the community of Pincher Creek in the 2005 and 2006 fire seasons.

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