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Fuelbreak effectiveness in Canada’s boreal forests: a synthesis of current knowledge





Colleen Mooney (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

Parks Canada

Advisory Member(s):

Parks Canada

Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency


Most North American fire management agencies have initiated fuel management programs to reduce the effect of wildfire on human, property and resource values. Although fire behaviour principles are considered when developing fuel management treatments there is little in the literature that attempts to measure the effectiveness of various treatment options for different fuel types. Consequently, fuel treatments that are conclusively supported by science and validated with case studies are rare. However, it is recognized within the fire community that experienced-based knowledge, gained from extensive fire experience, is an important source of information used for designing effective fuel treatments.This project aimed to synthesize the current state of knowledge of fuelbreak effectiveness from conventional sources of information, augmented by agency practices and experience-based knowledge from fire personnel.

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