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Survival zones for wildland firefighters
June21: InfoNote Environmental lapse rate as a wildfire tool: an Arduino based RPAS data logger
June20: InfoNote Environmental lapse rate as a wildfire tool: Next steps for tool delivery
April29: Report Assessing the distribution of a local relative humidity dome created through large scale water cannon implementation
April28: Report Exploring the feasibility and value of RPAS in the wildfire domain
April14: Report BC FireSmart Committee's quick-deploy WUI team data collection framework
April13: Report Productivity of motor-manual forest fuel reduction treatment operations: Developing a user-friendly data collection protocol
April13: Report Motor-manual forest fuel reduction treatment and silviculture operations: A summary of productivity studies
March17: Presentation Characterizing fuel environments in the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone in Central British Columbia
March01: Reports H├╝gelkultur as a debris management technique in forest fuel reduction treatments
February28: Report Understanding how well current detection technology uses imagery from existing cameras on towers to detect smoke
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