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Effectiveness of light stand-thinning as a forest fuel treatment
June21: Minutes 2021 Spring Advisory Meeting
March31: Report Wildfire suppressant rheology - Impact of water quality on water-enhancer viscosity
March31: Report Evaporation Rates - Assessing the Evaporation Rates of Water, Foam, and Water-enhancers
March31: Report Recovery rates of suppressants from heavy helicopter drops
March31: Report Open-field drop footprint mapping using S-61N helicopters
March31: Report In-stand drop footprint mapping using S-61N helicopters
March30: Report Determining suitable FireSmart treatment areas for tamarack (Larix Laricina) species stand conversion - an investigation at Pelican Mountain Research Site
March30: Report Seasonal flammability of forest fuels - Implementing modified oxygen consumption calorimetry to estimate the flammability of black spruce and tamarack
March23: Report Bridging a knowledge gap in wildfire research: a virtual tour of Pelican Mountain Firesmart Fuel Management Research Site
March23: Report Forest fuel treatment productivity research in Alberta - a synthesis of results and findings
Advisory Meeting
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