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Using the Environmental Lapse Rate to Forecast Wildfire Blow-ups
March03: Report An exploration of internal decision support tools used in forest operations
March03: Report Fuel treatment intensity and fire behaviour - experimental fires in mulched fuels at Pelican Mountain
March02: Presentation Stand treatment to reduce wildfire fuels forest machine productivity
February26: Report Oriented pile flammability burn trial October 2020, collaborations with Mosaic Forest Management and British Columbia Wildfire Service
February23: Report Developing tools and techniques to streamline forest fuel sampling - Innovation and application in the Alkali Resource Management area
February23: Report: Stand conversion for wildfire risk mitigation - management strategies
February03: InfoNote Helitorch redesign: field test results and modifications
January20: Report Wildfire suppressant rheology: mapping viscosity as a function of product mix ratios
January20: Report Performance assessment of wildfire suppressant products using the crib test methodology
January20: Report Area-based water delivery systems - exploratory research on logistics, water delivery, and its localized impacts
Advisory Meeting
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