Our Purpose is to deliver
practical solutions for living
well with wildfire

Community resilience

Prescribed burns, fuel treatment efficacy, and fire behaviour analysis. Our projects touch on all aspects of making our communities more resilient to wildfires.

Aviation and wildfire chemicals

Laboratory and operational efficacy assessments of various aspects of aviation-related suppression activities.

Equipment evaluation

New and innovative fireline equipment undergo operational trials to better understand their value proposition.


Running wildfire detection challenges to help stay abreast of the latest in wildfire detection technology, and providing comparative performance data on current detection standards.

Firefighter safety

Prioritizing wildland firefighter safety by evaluating new safety gear, and developing guidance on survival zones and crew configuration.


The FPInnovations Wildfire Operations Group conducts research that spans many provinces and territories. To create consistent and recurring opportunities for success, FPInnovations is a partner at several research sites – two in the Northwest Territories and one in Alberta.

The research sites allow for multi-organizational collaboration with execution on many projects simultaneously. The research sites allow for prescribed burns to test different vegetative treatments and their response while burning under varying weather conditions. This allows for the expansion of knowledge surrounding community protection, firefighter safety, aviation, and technology. Furthermore, having access to areas that can be burned in 95th percentile fire weather conditions allow researchers to study conditions that are challenging for wildfire suppression efforts.

To learn more about these research sites through a virtual tour.

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Our team of researchers combines several years of wildfire operational experience with strong research and management skills. The unique capabilities and personalities of our team members allow us to be innovative and adaptable, and our small size allows us to be responsive to members’ research needs.

Michael Benson

Greg Baxter
Senior Researcher

Rex Hsieh
Senior Researcher

Steve Hvenegaard
Senior Researcher

Razim Refai
Senior Researcher

Brandon MacKinnon

Andrew Stack

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