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Develop a wildfire chemical performance test method by using burning wood crib





Razim Refai (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

CIFFC Aviation Working Group

University of Alberta Fire Lab

Advisory Member(s):


The CIFFC aviation working group (AWG) includes representatives from wildfire agencies across Canada. The AWG has asked FPInnovations for a test method which will resemble direct attack with open flame on a wildfire. Previous efforts focused on using small trees and coniferous branches. Our research indicated these natural tree samples resulted in too much variability to be a useful test method. In searching for a better approach we have learned of a UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) test method used in the mid 90’s for foams. UL devised a wood crib constructed of 2 by 2 lumber stacked with equal spaces between each board. The crib was ignited and foam was sprayed at the flaming crib.

The wood crib test method will simulate the wildfire by dropping wildfire chemical on burning wood crib and measuring the re-ignition time to simulate the aerial direct attack.

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