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Documenting the effectiveness of sprinklers on experimental burns





Jonathan Large (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

Advisory Member(s):

Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism,

Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources,


Fire agencies across Canada have expressed an interest in enhancing their respective prescribed burn programs, and want to develop the best opportunities for success while minimizing associated risks and costs. The use of sprinklers to support preparation for prescribed burns (guard burning) is becoming more common. The use of sprinklers in this role is not a new concept; however, there is little documentation describing sprinkler effectiveness or explaining useful strategies and tactics. The objectives of this case study were to document sprinkler deployment and effectiveness during prescribed fire operations, and make this information readily available to managers and planners. This case study was not meant to capture and evaluate all of the potential variables, but rather to illustrate the results under a given set of conditions.

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