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Wildfire suppressant rheology – Mapping viscosity as a function of product mix ratios





Razim Refai (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

University of Alberta

Advisory Member(s):

The U.S. Forest Service’s Qualified Product List (QPL) provide guidance on the range of permissible mix ratios that can be used for water-enhancing products. Due to the proprietary nature of these water-enhancing products, there are several unknowns about the rheology of these products within the stipulated mix ratio bounds.

This study focuses on mapping the viscosity of various suppressant products as a function of their product mix ratios. Results from this study show an enormous range of viscosities that can be obtained from different products, each showing different non-linear relationships with mix ratios.

Insight from this data can help understand what an optimum viscosity range is for desired drop characteristics during aerial operations.

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