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5th Wildfire Detection Workshop





Rex Hseih (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfound and Labrador, CFS, SOPFEU, Alberta Innovates, Ontario, CIFFC, Parks Canada, Manitoba, University of Alberta, University of Toronto, National Research Council Canada


Since the last detection workshop (2015), several detection technologies have made improvements and now vendors are knocking on doors of agencies to utilise their products. These technologies include satellite, AI, RPAS, etc. In addition, there has not been any information exchange between wildfire agencies’ detection programs for a while.

The 5th workshop (2023) would:

1. Provide an opportunity to exchange information and lessons learned on detection target, strategy, tactics, and impacts/effectiveness among wildfire agencies from the last 6 years.

2. Anticipation of these new technologies based on status, timeline, and the preparation required for operational integration.

3. Share the results from the Alberta Detection Challenge 2022 to develop a detection solution check list/template collaboratively for wildfire agencies to fit their future needs.

4. Discussion of a national co-op wildfire detection platform that would allow

5. Identify future potential detection research projects and directions.

This workshop will focus on information exchange among Canadian wildfire agencies, with initial plans of not inviting vendors. The proposed timeline of the workshop will be February 2023.

An in-person format is preferred but will held online if travel restrictions still exist at that time.

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