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Modification of the Alberta helitorch valve





Roy Campbell (Lead)

Other Collaborator(s):

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In November of 2014, FPInnovations staff and contractors met with the Alberta Ignition Specialist Working Group Chair Dave Finn to discuss the in-line mixing kit project. During this meeting a long standing issue with the burner head valve assembly i.e. jamming valve was also discussed. In the follow-up to our discussions on the valve issue, FPInnovations sponsored a MEC E 460 project application submission with the University of Alberta’s Mechanical Engineering department. The project application focused on a valve re-design and in January of 2014 the project was accepted. Several meetings ensued, both to examine the helitorch and to set project parameters. Project work continued through the winter of 2015 with the submission of both the Phase 1 & 2 reports. The final Phase 3 report, with the agreed design was delivered in April of 2015. The Ignition Specialist Working Group is currently assessing a prototype based on the project specifications presented in the MEC E 460 Phase 3 Report.

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